Rattan Material use for the wardrobe

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Rattan Material use for the wardrobe

Rattan Material use for the wardrobe

What is the rattan material?

Rattan material will be the rattan raw natural living material for the rattan furniture production and the rattan decoration projects.

Rattan material will include the items like : rattan cane webbing, rattan pole, rattan core/reed/ flat, rattan peel, chair cane….and so on.

Rattan webbing is always use in the hotel decoration, like the custom design of the bedroom series. By the following we will show you how we use our rattan cane webbing items for the custom hotel bedroom and custom hotel furniture.

It can use for the design on:

1 Hotel furniture : Bed

2 Hotel Wardrobe

3 Hotel table & Chair

Rattan Material  Case study 1:

Case 1 had use 3 kinds of the Webbing:

Rattan core webbing  / Ratan Mats / Rattan core

rattan bedroom whole sets 1



Rattan Material  Case study 2: 

This case all the hotel wardrobe use 1 kind of the webbing.

rattan bedroom whole sets 2


Rattan Material  Case study 3:

This case use most is the rattan mats which made by machine. It is much cheaper and can make it quickly for the hotel rattan furniture production.

rattan bedroom whole sets 3



Rattan Material  Case study 4:

This case not use any rattan natural, just use the seagrass and wood material, but it is much beatuiful too.

rattan bedroom whole sets 4

rattan bedroom whole sets 4.1

Rattan Material  Case study 5:

This kind of the seagrass and wood item material, also use 2 color.



Rattan Material  Case study 6: 

This case only use the rattan core, also use 2 color of the rattan core, it is flash and comfortable.

rattan bedroom whole sets 6



Rattan Material  Case study 7: 

 rattan bedroom whole sets 7


 rattan bedroom whole sets 8

Rattan Material for the hotel custom furniture for the holiday resorts, our material is the best choice for you:

rattan material for rattan hotel furniture 1

rattan material for rattan hotel furniture 2



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